Washington State Ferry No. 2 13" X 19"

$80.00 - $700.00

This Ferry is shown at docked and losing cars, with diesel-electric propulsion motors turning to keep the ferry pressed against the dock. The cutaway view shows the car deck and passenger decks, as well as the engine room and wheelhouses.

This type of roll-on, roll-off ferry uses a double ended design, with either end serving as the bow or the stern depending on the direction of travel. It also permits quick unloading, which is perfect for the busy ferries of the Washington State system.

This work was made in color with alcohol marker, colored pencil, and pigment pens.

There will be 500 signed, numbered prints in this limited edition.

This work will be used as an illustration in Tom's Working Boats book, due out in fall 2020.

Artist: Tom Crestodina