About the Scow

The arty fish stuff and fishy art stuff on this site is the work of Tom Crestodina, an Alaska fisherman who began making cutaway drawings in 2011 to connect with his young son Franio while he was at sea.

"When I went back to fishing for the first time after my son was born, I missed my family so much it was like physical pain. Any father who has been to sea knows that feeling. Making these drawings was my way of dealing with it, and reaching out to my little boy."

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Tom's drawings are intended to educate and amuse. In part, they are made so that seafarers can hang them on their wall and use them to explain their work to aunts and uncles from Oklahoma. Some are diagrams that explain fishing methods and other aspects of the maritime trades. Many of them contain inside jokes just for fishermen and sailors. Some contain silly jokes just for kids.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the works shown here and come back often to see what Tom has been cooking up lately.

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