Tug No. 2, 12" x 15"


This is a tugboat drawn based on a real boat out of Ketchikan, AK, the Norma. The direct-reversible Fairbanks Morse engine on the actual boat, which must be stopped completely and restarted to run in reverse, is not actually slanted downward. Of course, I took lots of other liberties in order to show off as much of the interior of a boat of this type as I could.

The drawing shows the galley, wheelhouse, captain's stateroom, crew quarters, fuel tanks, and, naturally, the engine room. The deck winch is featured prominently, and the observant may note the hook that tug use to catch their barges' towing bridles should the tow cable break.

The image on the prints are about 10" by 13" with a border of about an inch, and the series is to include 350 signed and numbered prints.