$80.00 - $500.00

This is a salmon seiner setting its net on a cloudy day with a strong run of pink salmon running below.

Of the drawings I have made for the work boat series, this one has special significance for me, in part because I worked on boats similar to this one for twenty years. I love the classic style of the old boats, and it was on board a wooden seiner very much like this one that I made my first work boat cutaway drawing as a way to communicate with my young son, who was ten time zones away at that time. The drawing is also based on the fishing vessel Challenger, which was badly damaged in a fire shortly after I visited it to take photos and make sketches. The boat is being repaired and still has many useful years ahead of it.

This drawing will be included in my upcoming Working Boats book, to be published by Seattle publishing imprint Little Bigfoot.

Artist: Tom Crestodina

There will be 500 signed, numbered prints in this limited edition.

This drawing was made as part of a series for a children's book project celebrating workboats and their functions.