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Noah's Ark 17" X 19"


This is Tom's take on one of the best known boats of all time: the Ark of Noah, rescuing the world's animals from the flood of the Bible.

There are about 400 animals on board of varying sizes and descriptions, including mammoths, elephants, butterflies, howler monkeys, camels, leopard seals, Steller's sea lions, sasquatch, bengal tigers, red pandas, honey badgers, rabbits, mandrills, iguanas, penguins, flamingoes, cats and dogs, armadillos, koalas, muskoxen, gorillas, anacondas, sheep, cows, gila monsters, cape buffalo, chickens, komodo dragons and many more.

There will be 500 prints in this limited edition.

Artist: Tom Crestodina

Original is avalable for sale. Please contact the artist with offer at crestodina@yahoo.com