Diesel Engine Coloring Pages Downloadable PDF


Super STEAM educational tool – Coloring Pages for adults and kids.

This set of eighteen 9" X 12" coloring pages teach the fundamentals of Diesel engine mechanics and makes a handsome decoration for your wall fridge or locker.

This file illustrates the unique 2-stroke cycle developed in the mid-twentieth century by a team of American engineers for Detroit Diesel and EMD, which powered untold thousands of trucks, boats, ships, generators, fire engines, and more.

Color the pages as a decoration for your shop or as a way to reinforce your understanding. The pages cover the Diesel ignition cycle, cooling, fuel injection, camshafts, roots blowers, lubrication, and detailed illustrations showing the operation of six different types of pumps!

Recommended for kids 10 and up.

If you would like to receive a 9 X 12 inch hard copy portfolio printed on heavy paper with a signed note from the author and a 5" engine sticker, please click here:
Educational and not-for-profit institutions please contact by email

Artist: Tom Crestodina

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