Salmon Processing Machinery No. 1 8" X 8"

  • Salmon Processing Machinery No. 1  8" X 8"

This drawing is of the "Iron Chink", the revolutionary salmon processing machine that could remove the fins and clean the inside of a fish in just a few seconds instead of several minutes. Invented and named in Seattle in 1903 by Edmund Smith, it was advertised with fragrantly racist print ads as a solution to problems with the availability of East Asian fish butchers. Smith died in a car ccident on his way to an industrial exposition just a few years later.

The machine, however, has proven so well conceived that, with a few updates, it is still in use today. This particular one continues to operate at Trident's Ketchikan cannery.

Artist: Tom Crestodina

There will be 100 signed prints in this limited edition.