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Sockeye Forever Shirt


These comfy poly-cotton tees celebrate the incredible natural legacy and importance of the sockeye salmon, one of the greatest food fish in the world. Sockeye are native to the North Pacific, where they spawn in the fresh water of lakes and rivers, but spend the majority of their lives in the cold salt water of the ocean.

The spawning runs of the sockeye are one of the most spectacular natural phenomena on earth. Each summer hundreds of millions journey back to their spawning grounds, where they will choose mates, lay and fertilize eggs, and die.

Their migration brings bounteous nutrition to communities of North America and Asia, and sensible, scientific management of their fisheries and spawning habitiats has kept this rich resource strong - when and where it has been adopted. The crucial link in the chain of life for the sockeye is the protection of those rivers and lakes where the new generations are hatched each year.

This image is of two male and two female sockeye in their mature form swimming in a steam with rain falling on the surface above.

Right now we have blue and deep purple shirt.
Artist: Tom Crestodina

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